Our uPVC & PE ducting solutions are manufactured to industry standards, are available in varying sizes, and include a comprehensive range of accessories and ancillary items such as bends, connectors, spacers, access chambers and building entry accessories and seals. We take pride in offering our customers a complete end to end ducting solution from a single reputable source.

Our solutions meet the following standards: ENATS 12-24 (Power), BSEN 61386 (Telecommunications) , EN1401 (Underground Drainage).
All of our ducts are approved by UK DNO’s.


  • Comprehensive range of sizes in uPVC & PE.
  • Strong, flexible & impact resistant.
  • Specified & used by all major Distribution Network Operators.


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Key Features

  • Comprehensive range of accessories to compliment entire duct range.
  • Ease of installation with integral jointing system, making the product simple to install, therefore ensuring system is installed correctly without fail.
  • Integrated Interference Fit (Push-fit) or Interference Ring-Seal sockets are IP68 rated and supplied as standard on uPVC Duct.
  • Ease of cable placement, with low friction inner surface bespoke long radii bends to meet the requirements of the latest generation cables. This reduces whole system costs as longer cabling distances can be achieved, resulting in reduction in expensive joints.
  • Internal de-burr on all spigot ends of ducts ensures no damage during cable placement, which in turn improves cable lifespan.
  • Comprehensive product range, covering all possible cable requirements and construction techniques.
  • Compression strengths that meets the highest of industry standard requirements.
  • Bespoke print detail to meet client needs.
  • HDPE ducts suitable for Fusion Welding and Electrofusing available.
  • Class 1+ HDPE ducts suitable for HDD installation methods (Horizontal Drilling).
  • Systems are re-useable when cables are replaced or repaired, therefore maximising asset life and reducing further disruptions to the roadways and footways.
  • PE ducts can be used within moleplough installation method.
  • Overcome installation challenges with bespoke duct and bends products, manufactured to individual client requirements.

Product Overview