A flexible and easily accessible direct burial tube bundle suitable for burial using conventional and new trenching technologies.

Unique to Emtelle, FibreFlow WEBFLEX has 12 Microducts joined together in a ‘Branch’ formation. This makes it easy to locate and branch any of the microducts, with minimal disruption.

This easy method of branching each microduct to the boundary can be done during initial installation. If FibreFlow WEBFLEX is combined with the Emtelle Multifu system, where fibres are pre-installed, you can break and branch the tubes (with no connector required at the branch point) during initial installation, or you can branch in the future, by pulling the fibre back.


  • Suitable for Microtrench & Opentrench.
  • 12 coloured microducts under transparent sheath.
  • LDPE sheath for easy stripping and branching.


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  • Available with 7mm or 8mm Microducts.
  • Flexible for burial and going through road crossing ducts.
  • Transparent sheath.
  • Fast and Easy Microduct identification.
  • Very easy access to any of the 12 Microducts without compromising the other Microducts in the bundle.Plain and s
  • triped versions available on one drum (24 microducts in total).
  • Tracer Wire can be added if required.
  • Cost-effective tools required to strip the sheath.
  • The unique branch solution makes branching Microducts for FTTx applications extremely easy with much reduced waste compared to ‘break & branch connector solutions’, as no extra drop ducts are required meaning you use up much more of the tubes within the bundle.

Installation Steps

Fibreflow WebFlex delivered in drum lengths of 2000m maximum.
Reduced tooling required.
Web Slitting Tool used to separate drop microduct from bundle.

Drop conduit is cut at a distance ahead to allow for enough length to perform the drop using appropriate tool.

Sheath easily removed by hand
Drop microduct routes through open/microtrench.
Multiple drops can be separated from the bundle in one go.

No connectors are needed when branching off to the customer connection.

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