At the heart of the Fibreflow protected microduct system are the individual microducts themselves. We offer three different types of microducts: Thin Wall, Thick Wall and Low Fire Hazard. Our high-quality microducts come in a range of sizes from 3-16mm in diameter. All of our microducts as standard feature a bonded dry low friction liner which greatly enhances fibre installation.


  • All microducts are manufactured to industry standards.
  • Wide range of colours and stripe options for identification purposes.
  • Features a bonded dry low friction liner to aid fibre installation.


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  • Ribbed and smooth options available
  • LDPE, MDPE, HDPE and LFH variants available
  • Variety of sizes available
  • Low friction liner as standard to ease fibre installation
  • Variety of colours available
  • Standard and custom lengths available
  • Customer name, metre, and product marketing as standard on all microducts
  • Tested to industry standard IEC60794

Product Overview

Thin Wall

Thin Wall Microducts are normally installed in existing ducts with limited space and where thick walled ducts will not fit. The ducts are thin in diameter and are suitable for installation of air blown fibre.

Thick Wall

Thick Wall Microducts are exceptionally tough and can be directly buried without the need for additional protective closures at branch-off points, or inline connections.

Low Fire Hazard

Our LFH Microduct contains LFH material suitable for indoor fire regulation use, giving excellent performance in fire scenarios. The ducts have a solid, low friction liner for best installation performance.